South Central began with the goal to provide blood in the safest and most effective manner to the patient. On December 7, 1947, delegates from 31 Texas cities, representing hospitals and blood banks that were actively engaged in the recruiting, collecting, processing, testing, and transfusing of blood, met in Dallas, Texas to form the Texas Association of Blood Banks.  

In 1958, the Association opened its doors to neighboring states. Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Oklahoma joined with Texas to form the South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB). Arizona, Colorado and Utah subsequently joined, forming a union of nine states.

Over time, the mission of South Central remains the same, but the vision has grown to be recognized as the most reputable and conveniently accessible resource for education, professional development, suppliers and peer-to-peer networking in the blood banking and transfusion management industry.


I joined SCABB in the late 50’s shortly after becoming a medical technology student in Abilene; it was required of all students considering blood banking as their specialty and with the exception of the time I was on active duty in the U.S. Army in the early 60’s, have been a member ever since. SCABB offers a multitude of benefits to its members; long & strong history of success, dynamic educational opportunities, effective networking with colleagues, constant source of finding new technology from vendors, strong reputation, economical services to members, easy to find help when you need it and worthy of our support. To call oneself a ‘professional’, includes supporting your professional associations like SCABB. I believe you will always get more than your money’s worth and some of your best memories will come from your association with your SCABB colleagues.

Bill T. Teague, BS, MT(ASCP)SBB
SCABB; President 1979-80


 Our Ongoing Commitment

South Central's rich history built the foundation and inspiration on which we operate today.  Providing an environment that brings together the experts, the seasoned professionals, those with decades of experience with those new to the industry and rapidly finding their place as the next generation of blood bankers and transfusion medicine specialist continues to be the core of the benefits and offerings of the Association.

Preserving the past, infusing the current and securing the future of the industry.