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SCABBinar's are one hour webinars that take on cutting edge topics, as well as tried and true topics reinforcing grass roots information at every level. We offer FIVE per year and all are P.A.C.E. and Florida CE Broker approved.

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SCABBinar Schedule

The SCABB Education Committee continues to work hard on the 2022-2023 Education Calendar. As soon as new SCABBinar information is released it will be available here so check back often!


July 7, 2022

12:30pm ET | 11:30am CT | 10:30am MT | 9:30am PT


Richard Gammon, MD
“Comparison of Rh D Typing Results By Serology and Molecular Methods”

Tara Francis, BS, SBB(ASCP)CM
“The Implementation of AHG Titrations to Determine Eligibility of Low Titer Group O Whole Blood for The Walking Blood Bank”

Karl Klein
“Reducing Stat Turnaround Time to Assess Potential Cost Savings Using Lean Six Sigma Methods”

Katrina Billingsley, MSTM, SBB
on behalf of Diana Montecucco, MT, ASCP (Sol Haberman Award)

“ Direct Antiglobulin Test Sample Preparation”


 1 P.A.C.E | Florida CE Broker Credit




 SCABBINAR: The Basics of Coagulation and Massive Transfusion Protocol
August 25, 2022
1:00pm ET | 12:00pm CT | 11:00am MT 10:00am PT
Dan Mason, MSN

Medical Science Liaison, Haemonetics Corp.

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